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Privacy Policy

Philipsonska Gården respects your privacy and the right to have control over your data. 

Philipsonska Gården is owned by Ulvhälls Fest möte & Event AB that also operates Ulvhälls Herrgård AB. Philipsonska Gården uses as a domain name for the web site and for e-mail communication. 

We will be open about what information we collect, the reason we do it and how we will protect it. We will inform you how you can contact us regarding any questions you might have relating to our privacy policy

The privacy policy applies when you use web pages or services included under a website administered by the Company. The company is responsible for personal data in accordance with these conditions and is responsible for processing in accordance with current legislation.

A summary of what happens on the website during your visit: 

  • We track your web activity and may use it for marketing purposes. 

  • We collect personal data on special occasions for the purpose of marketing communication, product information and customer communication. 

  • We process specified personal data by submitting them to integrated systems. 

  • We save personal data in our system for market analysis. We perform automatic profiling based on web activity, and your profile may be used for marketing purposes.

Personal data we collect
Philipsonska Gården collects the data primarily directly from you as a customer. Examples of personal data we collect are your name, contact information such as mobile phone number and email address. The company may update your information from other public registers if it is necessary to maintain good record keeping.

Philipsonska Gården registers, or may register, your personal data in connection with the following occasions:

  1. Registration for a service offered via the various platforms that Philipsonska Gården use.

  2. When you enter your email address or mobile phone number on, the website.

  3. If you contact us by email, by phone, our websites and social media.

  4. If you sign up for the Company’s newsletter.

  5. If you visit to our website, including but not limited to traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data as well as e.g. the IP address, device type, operating system and browser type used for the visit.

Collection with consent
By filling in a consent form on the website (e.g. subscribing to newsletters, taking part in offers, etc.), you agree that your personal data (e.g. your name, telephone number and e-mail address) may be used for marketing purposes for the service that is exposed in connection with where you are asked to fill in your personal data.

We also collect your IP address, geographic location and interests in order to better adapt our marketing to you.

When you visit our website, you also agree that we may place cookies, both so-called first-party and third-party cookies, on your computer. Such cookies follow you and your surfing behavior in order to be able to offer you marketing based on your behavior.

How we use collected data
The company processes personal data mainly for the purposes stated below as well as for any additional purposes stated at the time of collection.

  1. To fulfill orders for services via one of the platforms offered by the Company.

  2. Enable good customer service, such as handling your requests, correcting incorrect information or sending information that you have requested.

  3. Information about ordering services is stored and analysed, and forms the basis for offers and discounts as well as marketing of both a general and targeted nature.

  4. To be able to administer customer profiles, carry out analyzes and market research.

  5. For system administration and to produce statistical data about our user’s behavior and patterns. This does not identify an individual person and takes place on an aggregated level.

  6. To develop, deliver and improve our products and services by analyzing your behavior on our websites and app.

  7. Personal data is also used during analysis to carry out segmentation/profiling, in order to be able to develop targeted offers and services.

  8. To send you information and marketing via SMS, e-mail, push or other digital means of contact such as social media when you have an active customer relationship with Philipsonska Gården.

  9. To contact you via app, SMS, email or post about other offers, promotions or services that we think may be of interest to you. Please note that you can opt out of this marketing at any time.

  10. 10.To be able to provide you with relevant recommendations, offers and customized services based on what others with similar behavioral patterns have been interested in, the service you have shown interest in and viewed.

  11. 11.To help us develop our website to be more useful and to improve your user experience of the platforms offered through the Company by being able to adapt the display of the services to the device used.

  12. 12.To send important messages such as communications about changes to our terms and policies.

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